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AdWords/ PPC Campaigns

AdWords/ PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform. It is what’s known as a pay-per- click or PPC ad campaign and is a marketing and advertising platform used my million of companies from small mom and pops to Fortune 500 behemoths.

AdWords is so popular amongst businesses for several reasons. With AdWords you can…


Target very specific or very broad audiences and demographics (including geo-targeting, audience targeting, keyword targeting et cetera).


Employ a wide array of ad-types including text ads, call ads, conversion focused ads, brand recognition/loyalty ads, retargeted ads to reach customers who have visited your site previously, visual ads in gif or video format et cetera.


Cater ads catered to different user groups based on the device they are on. Mobile and tablet ads are going to differ from desktop ads (or at least they should if your campaign is being managed by a professional). An example of why mobile and desktop ads should not be identical: imagine an individual on a mobile device searching for pizza at noon on a workday. This person is likely looking to pick up a pizza for the office during lunch or stop in to grab a quick bite. Either way time is important. In this scenario you would want to target that person with an ad focused on Hot Fresh Pizza – Ready for Pickup. For desktop user at home at 9 PM should be met with a Free Delivery After 8 ad or something to that effect. You get the idea.


AdWords allows you access to the Google Network, a huge conglomerate of websites that AdWords can advertise on. You can choose specific sites or general industry sites (car repair blogs for example).

The fact is that a Google AdWords campaign—run by a Google Adwords Certified professional should generate no less 200% return on investment.

If you are interested in starting a Google AdWords campaign for your business we can help. Our Google AdWords Certified employees know what it takes to convert those views into clicks and those clicks into revenue for your business.

Our campaign management structure ensures that we only make money if you do.