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3 Red Flags To Watch Out For With Your SEO Company

Fred Blum">Fred Blum


Look we all want to rank higher in the search results fast. If it was easy everyone would do it and being on the front page of search engines would be meaningless. Want to know how you rank higher? Quality content, activity (the frequency that you post that content) and consistency. Any company that promises you overnight results (or even fantastic results in a few weeks) are likely out to make a quick buck off of your business and the work they do will be sub-par if they do anything at all.

*Pro-Tip – There is one way to rank on the first page of the search results overnight. Pay for it—with Google AdWords. Google’s advertising platform allows you to pay-per-click and have your ad appear on the front page as soon as it is created. Other than that, there is no secret sauce. *Shameless plug- please get in touch with one of our Google certified AdWord pros if you are interested in starting a professionally managed ad campaign.




Let me tell you something. If the SEO company (and I use that verbiage loosely) you are in contact with is making claims about knowing someone at Google—or knowing the algorithm that Google uses to rank webpages—run. While every SEO company and marketing agency would like the direct line to Sergey Brin to chat with him about the latest updates to Google’s ranking algorithm, there just isn’t a company out there besides Google that has access to such information. Otherwise companies would try and game the search results based on the inside knowledge they have on what makes a page rank higher. While we do know some of what goes into Google’s ranking algorithm there is not and probably will never be a full understanding of it outside of Google. So what does that mean for you? Keep focusing on quality content and be consistent about it. That remains the most surefire way to rank your site higher in the search results.




This one is pretty simple. While yes, Reputation Reflection does offer pre-packaged service plans it is not all we offer. In fact, we speak with our clients in depth before choosing a package and if one of our plans fits their needs—great. If not then we customize a package and pricing to fit their individual goals and objectives as a business. Because while some companies may just care about reviews and it is easy to construct a package for that, other companies may want to organically grow their social media following on twitter while running a geo-targeted AdWord Campaign and build out their website with some keyword rich content and web-redesign. And no, we don’t have a ready-made package for that. Bottom line, make sure your SEO company or digital marketing agency gets to know your goals and objectives. If they are quick to put you on one of their plans without really understanding your end-game than they probably don’t have your company’s best interest in mind, just their bottom line.


Interested in real SEO help? Contact us and we will talk about your goals.