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FAQ’s We Get From Customers

Fred Blum">Fred Blum

faqWhat does the Free SEO Analysis consist of?

The Free SEO Analysis includes an SEO ranking report to see where your business is showing up in the search results and under what keywords. We also provide you with a citation-tracking audit so you can see what directories you are listed on, and where you need to be listed. We also provide you a comprehensive list of every review that has ever been written about your business across the Internet, both positive and negative. Finally, you are given an optimization report that give you personalized advice on best practices to get your business ranking higher.

Is there any sort of obligation or commitment to take advantage of the Free SEO Analysis?

None whatsoever.

What directories do you work with to optimize my business?

We work with literally every major directory and review site online—if you can think of it and they are established we work with them. We can optimize your business on hundreds of directories and review sites or customize a smaller package.

Is there a contract?

The work that we do for our AdWords/PPC and Social Media campaigns makes it necessary to have an agreement to protect everyone involved.

Our Reputation Management and Review services are no contract and neither are our web design, graphic design, or SEO optimization packages. If you wish to cancel at any time we ask for is 2 days notice before your next billing cycle.

Do you show proof of your results?

Yes. You will get a monthly analytic report. This includes your businesses keyword search engine tracking, SEO ranking report, review tracking and monitoring, optimization statistics and citation tracking.

You will also have access to this information via your customer portal. This allows you to keep up to date on our progress we are making for your business. You can export the data as needed and have unlimited access to your data.

How do you get reviews from my customers posted online?

We use both in-house and 3rd party customer relation software to ask your customers for a review at the point of sale and provide them a direct link to do so via text, email, or your in house company’s app. Our system links your customer to the review sites that you and your account manager determine are the most crucial to your online branding including Yelp, Google, HomeAdvisor, BBB and dozens more.

If you need to gather a large amount of reviews quickly, we can provide you a survey template to collect reviews at the point of sale. You send those reviews to us and we get those customer reviews online from our accounts if allowed per the sites terms of service.

Do you write content for businesses?

We do. However based on the widely varying nature of content needs you will need to speak with an account manager to go over your goals and to discuss pricing.

What’s your guarantee?

As with anything on the Internet there is no way to guarantee results. We can say that we have done the same work with positive results for hundreds of other businesses online. It is important to understand though that what works with SEO today may not necessarily work tomorrow—its constantly adapting and is just the nature of the beast Unless the company you are working with is known as Google, it is impossible to guarantee results and any company that tells you they guarantee what they do should set off alarm bells.

How long until I see results?

Your AdWords campaign should show almost immediate results. The longer the campaign runs the more efficient we can make it by tweaking and fine tuning what works, and getting rid of what doesn’t. This will actually increase your ROI pretty drastically. Typically we have enough data to begin refining the campaign after 30 days. However as mentioned above you will notice almost immediate results regardless.

Organic campaigns such as SEO and social media take longer but remain for the lifetime of your business as it is not an ad. Thus it is worth it to put in the effort on the front end to realize that organic conversion long term.