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Industries Highly Susceptible to Negative Review

Fred Blum">Fred Blum

Industries Highly Susceptible to Negative Review

Certain industries are more susceptible to negative reviews than others. Think daycare centers that deal with hard-to- please parents or mechanics that deal with know-it- all customers. We compiled a list of the industries that have it the worst.

  • Auto Repair
  •  Doctors
  •  Real Estate
  •  Daycare/Childcare
  •  Fitness
  •  Roofing Contractors</p> <p>
  • Construction Companies
  •  Plumbers
  •  Veterinary
  •  Auto Sales
  •  Transmission Repair
  •  HVAC Installation/Repair
  • Flooring Contractors
  •  Auto Body
  •  Lawyers
  •  Garage Door Install/Repair
  •  Movers
  •  Dental

Is your industry on this list? It wasn't a lucky guess. Because of the importance of online reviews in these industries it is paramount that we begin a campaign to direct your happy customers online via our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal—and drown out the negative commentary with a wave of real, positive reviews posted direct from your customers.

We can text and email your existing customer base with direct links to leave you feedback on your most important review sites for your industry so that we make sure your online reputation is an accurate reflection of your business.

And for the malicious, false, defamatory reviews that are posted by competitors or ex-employees, those will be disputed for violations within the review sites’ own terms of service.

Sound like something you could benefit from?