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Local SEO Tips For Beginners

Fred Blum">Fred Blum


One of the easiest ways to rank higher in the local search results on Google is to list your business as many reputable search sites and directories as possible. Of course this process is time consuming so if you want to hire a company to do it for you Bright Local offers a great citation building service that is relatively cheap.

Having an SSL certificate—the thing that makes your website secure enough to accept payments and turns the domain from an HTTP to HTTPS—makes your site appear more reputable to Google’s algorithm. In 2014 Google informed SEO companies that they would now consider whether or not a site had an SSL certificate as a factor in their ranking algorithm. Check out They offer WordPress hosting plans from $37/month that include a free SSL certificate at no additional cost and are great for small businesses or startups.

Focus on organic customer reviews! 88% of customers consult review sites when they want to find or are vetting a business. The more organic reviews from your customers the better and one way to do this is with our Local SEO Plus package. We actually contact your customers directly with a link to your businesses Yelp or Google and ask them to post some feedback. This follow up not only shows the customers you care enough to check in on their service but our proprietary software actually allows you to intercept the negative feedback before it reaches the site by reaching out directly to the customer to try and find a solution. If a bad review does get online don’t worry too about it —customers understand that it is impossible to please everybody. Check out our Local SEO Plus package here.

If you’re not on Facebook you need to be. It is by and large one of the best ways to build brand loyalty, engage with customers, and get feedback so you can improve your business. Not sure how to grow your following or run a social media paid ad campaign? Were here to help!

That is a good start for all you SEO beginners out there! Give it a try and feel free to leave us feedback in the comment section or contact us to speak with somebody here in our office. Stay tuned—next weeks article is on Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Campaigns for Beginners!